Videos for Bad Days, Number 5

Any married woman can tell you what the Woo Woo Dance is. Think of the sweatpants/no undies helicopter dance, but completely naked. My husband has done this, your husband has done this. We women shake our heads or facepalm at your silly antics, because we took thee through sicknes and in health, for richer, for poorer, phallus flashed and dutch ovened, for as long as we both shall live.
For you nude chopper pilots out there, I will make a confession: we do think its funny as hell, mostly because few things remind us of the hilarious immaturity men all seem to possess when given the opportunity to flash their danglers at us. But! We will never actually admit that, because you have your role in this scene that will be repeated hundreds, if not thousands, of times, just as we do, too. Ours is to snort, chuckle, or grin while shaking our head, yours is to make woo woo sounds while shaking yours. Everybody wins!


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