Silver Linings Daily Prompt

Silver linings, well, aren’t really a huge factor in my life. To me, they’re like platitudes, something which has always felt a little forced and a little half-assed at the same time. looking on the bright side is really just Poor Man’s Prozac.
I hate being told:
Aww, things will get better!
You know, it’s always the darkest before the dawn.
Chin up, sweetheart. Nothing lasts forever.
I’m sure it’ll be okay.
Don’t let it get to you.
It’s a beautiful day. C’mon! Cheer up!

I don’t need my thoughts salved (yes, slathered in meaningless cliched ointments) when negativity or sadness darkens my door. My silver lining to loss, heartache, or misery is these things are necessary for me to feel the weight of happiness. And, in a bratty, stubborn way, I also like to be in a good funky bad mood now and again. It keeps my balloon from soaring so high I crash back down to Earth in happy overload.
Being happy all the time is not a natural state. Constant happiness, just like constant misery, is exhausting. At some point you realize you were happy two weeks ago and have been forcing it ever since. The most natural state in this world is being content to feel the dips and dives and climbs happiness and sadness will lob at you. It’s simply being ready and present in the moment, whether it brings laughter, tears, or both. So, my silver lining is in a sad situation I have the ability to be immersed in the pain completely, then crawl out and feel it slowly evaporate from me. Accepting the moment and traversing the highs and lows with it leaves me refreshed and somewhat spent, like that comfortable sadness that hit at 8:00 pm on the last day of summer after an all day swim in the pool as a kid.