Terrible Minds challenge, 200 words, Thread of Time

This is part of the Terrible Minds 200 word story intro challenge. It is 199 words. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/11/22/flash-fiction-challenge-200-words-at-a-time-part-one/

Threads of time

Marley sat in the spare room, on hand to assist at any time as a non-medical caregiver. But sometimes, late at night, when the tv went fuzzy and oblong ripples bubbled on the screen, a sound came on the baby monitor.

Low and muffled, the hoarse clacking was barely audible below Mrs. Janell’s soft snoring And yet, focusing on the clacking amplified the sound until it filled Marley’s ears; until she covered them; until tears spilled; until she heard the sound during sleep; until even her eyelids spasmed in sync with the haunting metronome.

The screen flickered. Tonight, she had to know.

Marley crept to the doorway and peeked inside. A mist of soft blue coalesced, then tented,  above the bed. The clacking began. At the apex of the tent, a pair of hands with sewing needles appeared, followed by the figure of a person so old as to be ageless.

Lines disappeared from the apparition’s face as the needles danced, the wrinkles sewn into a fine quilt that draped over Mrs. Janell.

Marley gasped.

Without stopping, the figure threw a threaded needle at her chest. Clacks exploded within, then vibrated through bone as the needle pierced her heart.

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