Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,
You don’t know how special you are, do you? You’re not just a blogger or a satirist or a contest host or columnist, you’re a representative of an era.
Art, no matter the form it takes, be it on canvas, computer, film, or photo, is indelibly linked to the society and time it was created in, even fictional works. Your reach is far and mythic. And someday you will be a wish in the heart of future generations who will yearn to have known you.
It doesn’t matter how big your following or how active your readers are, when you put finger to key you drank ambrosia and created a lasting heritage in my name and all those in this world. You convey the tears, smiles, fears, angers, and hopes of every soul to have known these feelings in the twentieth and twenty first centuries, and you alone lift the veil of curiosity and allow others to get a glimpse of what we truly feel about how this world works.
I don’t ask you to do me justice, because you already are. You show the spectrum of life from brutality to jubilance, from profanity to wholesomeness, from fiction to non.
You will never die, only sleep to periodically reawaken for today’s descendants to cry, laugh, fear, hate, and hope with us, tomorrow’s yesteryear. .
While stock brokers, real estate agents, car salesmen, cashiers, corporate businessmen etc. can retire, you never will.
Creators never retire, they hibernate. It’s just not in us to abandon cataloguing the human experience.
Think about that word for a moment, ‘creator’. It’s definition is: A person or thing that brings something into existence.
That’s you.
Never forfeit that gift. It was not bestowed lightly, and don’t you ever forget it.